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The Story So Far

Hey this is Ashish Bagrecha here, founder of In 2018, I was fighting depression and anxiety, and I decided to post poems and letters about love, hope and healing on Instagram to help and support everyone else who was going through the same feelings. In November 2019, I had already published my first self-help book, ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’ with Westland Publications and it went onto became a best-seller. In April 2020, the pandemic began and the entire world went into lockdown.
Amidst all the chaos, I wanted to do something fun, new and exciting. By now, I was a popular Instagram poet but I knew poetry books don’t really do well in India and so I challenged myself that I would change that landscape. I would make people read poetry books. Well, the traditional publishers were skeptical about that and so I started my own publishing company and self-published my first poetry book, ‘Love, Hope and Magic’. And voila! It became an instant bestseller. Thousands of readers have read it till now and they’re loving it. It’s lot of headache but it’s fun. 
 So now I’m just figuring out what else can I do with tihs company. Maybe guide, publish and market other aspiring writers? Let’s see. 

Love, Hope and Magic

you handed me
all your broken pieces
but darling,
how do i fix you
if you don’t believe in
love, hope and magic?

A survivor of life and death, a fighter of depression and a believer of universe, Ashish Bagrecha, the best-selling author of self-help book ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’ and one of the most popular Instagram poets, brings you his very first collection of poetry because he thinks poetry has the magic to heal people.

Divided into six chapters, Love, Hope and Magic is about loving deeply and getting broken. It’s about falling into the darkness and still chasing the light. It’s about letting love find you, trusting the universe and believing in the magic we carry within ourselves.

Love, Hope and Magic is not written to inspire you but to fix you.


love comes, leaves and pains,
but magic happens and stays,
and all we need is
a little hope in between



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